Home Cooking

2016 live ep — blues

1   Stay In Bed
2   Home Cooking (Lounge Jam Version)
3   Jimi’s Goodbye Song
4   My Idea Of Fun (Lounge Jam Version)
5   My Father’s Son (Lounge Jam Version)

Jimi's notes: Kevin Hocking, my legendary Dad on piano and myself on guitar and vocal, sitting together playing music in the old family lounge room. This simple recording has a great deal of meaning for me. Originally intended as a recording for friends and family, I sent it out into the world to celebrate the music that has always been alive in the Hocking household.

To The Moon So Blue
Home Cooking
Live In The Moment
Electric Mojo Machine
Blue Mandolin
The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs2)
The Spectre 7 Years
Give Jimi Some Love!
Based On Actual Events
Blue Guitar
Standard Bohemian
Space Doubt
The Great B-=Grade Remake
The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs1)
Living In Luxury
No Turning Back