Standard Bohemian

Standard Bohemian

Standard Bohemian (original cover)

Original pressing cover

1998 studio album — acoustic

1   Love In A Jar
2   Always In Between
3   One Last Time
4   Secrets I Told My Cat
5   Long Gone
6   Brussel Sprout
7   Hell Toupee
8   When I Went Overseas
9   Deja Voodoo Man
10   Children Missing
11   Earth Spoke To Me
12   Loopy Wisdom

Jimi's notes: An album of acoustic originals with my trademark "sometimes thought provoking, sometimes tongue-in-cheek" attitude. Compared by the critics to Billy Bragg and Paul Kelly.

Many songs written during my touring days in the 90s with The Screaming Jets and recorded after the fact. This album has featured new sleeve artwork since 2003, but don't let that fool ya' — the songs remain the same!

To The Moon So Blue
Home Cooking
Live In The Moment
Electric Mojo Machine
Blue Mandolin
The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs2)
The Spectre 7 Years
Give Jimi Some Love!
Based On Actual Events
Blue Guitar
Standard Bohemian
Space Doubt
The Great B-=Grade Remake
The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs1)
Living In Luxury
No Turning Back