Space Doubt

Space Doubt

1997 studio album — rock

1   Work For Dogs
2   Judy
3   Sanctuary Fades
4   The Big Picture
5   Cat Out The Back
6   Fantasy
7   Minutes
8   Scarlet Ribbons
9   Second Skin

1986 Astros ep — BONUS

10   Skins Of Leather
11   Silent Partner
12   Live To Work
13   My Turn

Jimi's notes: Although released in '97, the body of the Space Doubt album was a never-before-released project recorded at Platinum Studios, Melbourne in the late 1980s. With a youthful yours truly on lead vocal and guitar, this album was recorded by the original Astros lineup — so I've included the 4 tracks from the Astros self-titled vinyl EP as a bonus!

A quick note about the cover art! This was the top right panel of a four panel, square piece of art featuring an uber-cool-guitar-playing-robot. The bottom right panel can be seen (sadly only in grey) as the cover for The Great B-Grade Remake. My plan was to release two more records to complete the whole picture, but that never quite happened, so half a robot is all that remains. If I ever find the original artwork in its entirety, I'll let you know!

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Space Doubt
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